​$35.  July - June 

The Kingsport Art Guild maintains a non discrimination policy.  It is the policy of the Kingsport Art Guild to not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in regard to all Guild activities and functions.

OUR membership year runs July - June.



We invite YOU to become a member! The Kingsport Art Guild hosts various activities throughout the year.

EXHIBITS: Our Main Gallery which is located on the second floor of the Renaissance Arts Center and Theater building is a warm and inviting space where we have twelve diverse exhibits each year.

Art Competitions: Three of the shows we host each year are juried for cash awards, those are the Appalachian Art Show, the Fun Fest Show, and Members Show.  The Appalachian Art Show, is juried for entry and for cash awards.

Classes: Various art classes are offered seasonally and on-going.

Workshops: ...are offered by local and nationally known artists with different techniques and media.

Meetings: Meetings are held for members and for people interested in joining.  These meetings are fun and we have a wide variety of presentations given during this time together.


*​Reduced fees for KAG sponsored workshops, classes, and shows.

*10% reduction in prices at Jerry's Artarama.

*Member Meetings - a time to network and participate in community projects.

*Free access to library of over 500 volumes of art-related resources.

*Opportunities to volunteer in supporting community arts projects associated with the Center for Cultural Arts and KAG supported groups..

*KAG Email Blast.

*KAG Member Directory.

*Leadership development through participation on KAG Board and projects.

COMPLETE the MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW and your payment option.  You can mail in your membership fee.  Make checks payable to Kingsport Art Guilduild.


​$10.  July - June

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Kingsport Art Guild

1200 E. Center St., Kingsport, TN    423-246-1227

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Oil Painting by John Youssi


*Active:  Person who, on joining, is willing to sign up to work on a committee.
*Sustaining:  Person who wishes to be a supporting member, but is not required to work on a committee.
*Student:  Person who is enrolled full time in 10th grade through college.
*Benefactor:  Person who wishes to financially support the Art Guild
*Art Educator:  Person who is actively teaching art in a public or private educational institution such as an academy, school, college, university or conservatory who is not required to work on a KAG committee.


*Gallery:   (Take-In or hanging paintings for shows, Maintenance of gallery supplies, Gallery Brochure, Hostess and Reception)   

*Education:  (Library, Golden Brush, Scheduling and Coordinating Classes, Workshops)
*Special Shows:  (Assisting with one of three shows:  Appalachian Art, Funfest or Member’s Show)
*Communication:  (Newsletter blast, phone calls, publicizing KAG events, etc.)
*Finance:  (Assisting KAG’s Treasurer with specific project(s) or task(s).)