All participating artists must be a member of the Kingsport Art Guild.

This show is a member benefit.

You can become a member today.  Clickhere.  


Registration Due: Friday Oct 23

Deliver Entries  Wednesday Oct 28: 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Exhibit Dates:  Nov 1 – 29

Pick Up Entries:  Monday Nov 30           

Members may enter two (2) pieces of original artwork
Paintings, drawings, pastels, original prints and 3D sculpture accepted.  Photography, reproductions/prints or digital works are not eligible for this show. 
All artwork must be original -

NO copies of photos not taken by the artist (i.e. public domain, copyright free photo replication)

NO assembly or completion of a kit

NOT completed under direction of another artist or class/workshop setting

Pieces must have never been previously displayed  in a KAG sponsored show
Pieces must have been completed in past two years (Oct2018-Oct2020)
No piece (2D or 3D) may exceed 52 inches in any dimension including frame
Paintings must be:

Wired for hanging
Edges painted/finished
No staples visible

Paintings on canvas must be framed unless on gallery wrapped canvas, minimum 1 ½ inches in depth
3D sculptures must be hung

KAG COMMISSION-Any sales made during the Members’ Show of entries displayed in the Renaissance Center 2nd Floor Gallery or other partner venue will be subject to a commission as stated in the Kingsport Art Guild By-Laws (15% commission).

The KAG Members’ Show Committee, KAG Gallery Committee, and partner venue staff will be most careful with all entries.  Please understand that by completing an application on, and bringing your piece(s) to the gallery for this event(s), you consent to all transport of your piece to/from the gallery and partner venue.  You also consent to public display in the Renaissance Center and/or partner venue.  The Kingsport Art Guild, nor partner venue staff will not be held responsible for any damage to entries.  Please note the inherent risks associated with your specific entry into the show, reception, hanging, transport and display in a public space (i.e. framed pieces with glass, heavy pieces to be placed on walls, balance/stability of 3D pieces).

The Kingsport Art Guild, The Renaissance Arts Center and Theater, and all associated sponsors are not responsible for artwork not picked up on the pickup date of November 30.  Artwork not picked up 14 days after the closing will become the property of the Kingsport Art Guild. 


Fill out the ONLINE ENTRY FORM below and click submit.

Create an IDENTIFICATION CARD for your artwork.  Use a 3"x5" card.

Include your Name, Phone Number, Email, Title of the artwork, Medium, Date completed, and Price or NFS

Secure the Identification Card to the upper back of artwork.

Permission is granted to photograph entered artwork for publicity purposes and historic record.​


Show Dates: November 1 - 29

1200 E. Center St., Kingsport, TN    423-246-1227

Kingsport Art Guild